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Thermography / Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging surveys are a non-destructive form of assessment used to help determine the thermal performance of a building. The assessment can be used to measure heat loss, assess insulation problems and locate moisture infiltration.

Our surveys can help determine:


  • Heat Loss

  • Missing/Inadequate Insulation

  • Moisture Infiltration (damp)

  • Thermal Comfort

  • Dispute Resolution

There are specific conditions required to carry out a full thermographic survey. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further. 
Common Problems
Air leakage behind plasterboard.


Air leakage can cause major problems for energy efficiency and condensation. This image was taken while running our blower door set up. It shows the air being pulled down from the cold loft space behind the plasterboard (dot & dab cavity). This has significantly lowered the temperature of the wall and reduced the effectiveness of the wall insulation.


This customer was complaining of the house being cold and with this happening in every room it was easy to see why. 

Missing insulation


This image shows a timber frame wall which has been insulated (you can see the timbers running down the wall and the warmer areas between) and a ceiling above which has recently been fully insulated. The blue area of the image shows the edge of the ceiling where the installer hasn't laid any insulation and heat is being heavily lost in this area.



Water leaks and infiltration cause can major damage to a property. Thermal imaging can be used to detect problem areas without the need for destructive testing. 

Damp images courtesy of Flir