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Thermal imaging surveys are a non destructive form of assessment which can be used to help determine the thermal performance of a building. The assessment can be used to measure heat loss, assess insulation problems and locate moisture and air infiltration.

Air Tightness and Thermographic Package
BREEAM Level 2 Assessments

We are regularly booked by self builders and architects to assess the air tightness of a new build at the same time as carrying out a thermographic survey. This allows us to gain the certification required for sign off at the same time as being able to physically see the heat loss in the building and determine any weak areas, thermal bridging or missing insulation. We offer this combined service at a discounted rate.

Under the latest edition of the BREEAM Technical Manual (SD5076) it is possible to be awarded a BREEAM credit by conducting a thermal imaging survey of the building fabric. The thermographic survey is required to be completed in accordance with MAN 04 Commissioning and handover compliance notes CN3.3 and CN3.4 by an Approved Level 2 thermographic surveyor.

Physically see 

the heat loss

"Last year I built my own home aiming for as low an energy demand as possible. Having spent a significant number of hours ensuring my new build home was as air tight as possible it was great for Carol to be able actually show us the areas where there was thermal bridging and air leakage."

Michael, Self Builder

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