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RJ Energy Consultants | Overheating Analysis

The risk of overheating in new and heavily retrofitted buildings is becoming more prevalent as changing climates lead to increasingly changing weather patterns. 

Overheating analysis is often requested as part of the planning process to ensure it has been considered at design stage i.e. in The London Plan. We are increasingly being requested for overheating analysis on self build properties and by architects who are aware that their heavily glazed designs may pose a greater risk. This results in either peace of mind, or significant savings by enabling design changes to be made prior to construction. 

When running calculations for compliance reasons we can issue reports for the following standards:

  • TM52: Avoiding Overheating in European Buildings
  • TM59: CIBSE Overheating Risk in Homes
  • BB101: Ventilation, Thermal Comfort & Indoor Air Quality in Schools 
  • The London Plan: Policy 5.9 & S14

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