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Planning applications often require additional information on sustainability measures and predicted carbon emissions. 

Bespoke reports analysing the energy performance and sustainability of your development

Councils regularly request details of how a planned development is going to achieve local targets for carbon emissions. RJ Energy is experienced at building these reports and helping to design cost efficient specifications that will ensure the development complies with renewable energy targets and low energy design.

Emissions targets vary dependent on the authority/council however all generally look for a reduction in emissions, through a high fabric efficiency or through renewable energy generation, over and above Building Regulations requirements. 

A report showing the breakdown of how this is achieved is required at planning stage. 

The London Plan

Building any property in London is subject to strict requirements on energy use, renewable energy generation and sustainability. 

The requirement of the London Plan vary by authority/council albeit we generally see a requirement for a 35% reduction in emissions above Building Regulations requirements. Supporting documentation is required at planning stages to prove this has been included in the design of the building and often forms part of your planning conditions prior to proceeding with the build. 

RJ Energy is experienced at energy reports which comply with The London Plan and can help you achieve this requirement in the most cost effective and practical way. 

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