RJ Energy Consultants | Dynamic Simulation Modelling

Carrying out thermal modelling on your building can not only save you money but can provide a much more accurate representation of the heat loss in the building. 

Thermal modelling is a much more accurate method of determining the performance of your building. Assessments can be used to evaluate:

  • Carbon emissions

  • Overheating by zone/room 

  • Natural ventilation strategies

  • The effect of solar shading

  • Evaluating the performance of glazing, increased fabric performance and building orientation

  • Determining heat loads for heating and cooling systems

  • Daylight calculations

Geometry is entered in precise detail and hourly CIBSE weather data is used while orientations (buildings and installations such as PV) are entered at 1 increments, all resulting in an accurate building model. All modelling is carried out with Design Builder software to ensure our calculations model the behavior of the building as accurately as possible.

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