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Ventilation Testing 

The requirements to build more energy-efficient and airtight homes make it essential that ventilation systems (and their performance) are considered. 

Part F of the UK Building Regulations requires test certificates to be issued on completion to provide evidence that the ventilation system is performing to the required standards. 

The above tables are extracts which show the minimum flow rates which must be achieved on new build dwellings, while the full Part F document details the further requirements on background ventilation rates, controls and requirements for each ventilation system type.

Part F also covers existing dwellings and non-domestic dwellings.


We are fully qualified by NICEIC to carry out testing and commissioning on all ventilation types and are happy to provide advice on the best ways to achieve good flow rates.


When booking ventilation testing alongside air tightness testing (on the same visit) we will automatically apply a discounted rate.