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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is by far the most efficient and effective heating system which you can put in your home with MEV being our minimum recommended install. However once it is installed it is essential that the installed system is balanced and fully commissioned to ensure it works effectively and quietly

We are trained by NICEIC to commission all systems giving you peace of mind that your system has been balanced and certified by a highly competent and independent company.   

"Build Tight... Ventilate Right"

Ventilation is overlooked in a vast number of new build properties in the UK. Many large scale builders simply fit standard extractor fans as that is the minimum required by UK Building Regulations however this is an inefficient method of ventilation which more often than not results in problems within the dwelling with damp, condensation and poor air quality.  

As a minimum we always recommend Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV). MEV is a simple system that is easy to install during the build of a new property. Centrally located this is a ductwork based system which extracts stale and moist air from the wet rooms. The system continually runs at a low rate and then can be boosted when needed i.e. when showering or cooking. 

Mechanical Extract with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is our preferred installation. This works on the same basis as MEV however has a supply as well as extract. The system extracts air from the wet rooms and supplies fresh air to the habitable rooms. A heat exchanger recovers the heat from the extracted air and uses it to heat the fresh supplied air. MVHR systems can recover over 90% of heat from the extracted air and also significantly improve indoor air quality.


For both of these systems it is essential to ensure that it is both installed and balanced/commissioned correctly. Failure to ensure this is the case leads to noisy and inefficient systems which will end up being switched off by the occupier of the property and will then lead the damp, condensation and air quality issues.

Our engineers will ensure that your system is balanced to extract (and supply if MVHR is installed) the correct amount of air from each room ensuring the system is effective and as quiet as possible. 

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