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RJ Energy undertake air tightness testing throughout the UK ensuring our testing is accurate and compliant with the use of UKAS calibrated equipment and being accredited by iATS for the issue of UK Building Regulations reports.

We are trusted by large scale national house builders and small developers as well as working on numerous self build homes. We specialise in low energy and Passive House projects.

Air tightness testing is a requirement of UK Building Regulations and measures the level of uncontrolled air leakage through the building fabric.

Fully accredited and highly experienced

Free advice throughout the build comes as standard to all of our clients and if there are problems with achieving your target on the day we have the experience and knowledge to identify air leakage paths and, where possible, get them fixed there and then to avoid costly retests. 

On-site results and 24hr certification

You'll be given your test results verbally on site and then supplied with iATS certified certification for within 24 hours. 

Flexible test appointments: Further improved for Covid-19

We know that it doesn't suit everyone to have an air test Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, especially when social distancing has to be taken into account on site. If you require testing outwith these hours then just let us know and we will book you in at a time to suit you. 

Free Leakage Paths Guide

Read through our free guide to leakage paths which will be sent to you when you book. The guide shows real life examples of the best and worst of what we've found on site allowing you to ensure you'rebuilding airtight throughout as well as giving you a refresher in areas to double check before we arrive on your test day. 

Developer pricing starts from £45 per test per plot

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