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At RJ Energy we are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients


Our consultancy service is designed to support you through the often complex requirements within the construction industry and our services aim to save you money, not only throughout the build, but in the buildings energy bills as well. Involving us from the outset means we can work with you to achieve, and exceed, energy compliance in an economical and stress-free way leading to a smoother process and a better performing building.


We offer a wide range of services from a team of fully accredited and experienced engineers and consultants all centred around helping you design and build in an energy-efficient way.

For further information on any services or to enquire about a specific project please contact us.

SAP Calculations | SBEM Calculations | Air Tightness Testing | Part F Ventilation Testing | Thermal Imaging

Thermal Modelling | Thermal Bridging Calculations | Overheating Analysis | Daylighting Analysis 

Certification | Air Tightness | Thermal Imaging

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